Clove Pond by William James Glackens

Clove Pond by William James Glackens“This landscape of ice skaters on Clove Pond is by William J. Glackens and was completed around 1916. Glackens often painted New York City and Clove Pond likely represents what is today known as Clove Lakes Park in the Sunnyside neighborhood of Staten Island. Glackens was an American Realist painter and one of the founders of the Ashcan school. Four of his paintings are in the White House Collection.”

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“John F. Kennedy” by William Franklin Draper

“Draper was commissioned as a Lieutenant JG in the Naval Reserve in June 1942. His first assignment was with the Anti-Submarine Warfare Unit in Boston. He transferred to the Art Section in Washington DC and shortly thereafter was sent to Alaska where he spent over five months in the Aleutian Island Chain Painting a series of 42 oils including Kodiak, Dutch Harbor, Umnak, Adak and Amchitka. He was present at the initial occupation and also the Japanese attack on Amchitka Island. He depicted the attack with bombs bursting and shells flying within close range of his foxhole. In making this series of paintings he ran into difficulties peculiar to the climate of the Aleutian such as eccentric winds blowing his canvas into the air like a kite and conditions of arctic weather that made painting only possible by wearing gloves to keep his hands from freezing.”

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