“White Cranes Flying Over Breakers” by Ando Hiroshige

"White Cranes Flying Over Breakers" by Ando Hiroshige
“White Cranes Flying Over Breakers” by Ando Hiroshige from the Worcester Art Museum

“Hiroshige’s artistic life may be characterized in several stages. The first was his student period, from about 1811 to 1830, when he largely followed the work of his elders in the field of figure prints—girls, actors, and samurai, or warriors. The second was his first landscape period, from 1830 to about 1844, when he created his own romantic ideal of landscape design and bird-and-flower prints and brought them to full fruition with his famed Fifty-three Stations of the Tōkaidō and other series of prints depicting landscape vistas in Japan. His last stage was his later period of landscape and figure-with-landscape designs, from 1844 to 1858, during which overpopularity and overproduction tended to diminish the quality of his work.”

Biography credit: https://www.britannica.com/biography/Hiroshige

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